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Why use an email signature?

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Enhances Branding

Seeing your brand's colour, logo etc., on your email signature can create a sense of identity among employees, customers, and stakeholders.

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Bonus Marketing Medium

Turn the space below your email signature into a free ad space using banners, videos etc. to engage with your customers.

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Creates Consistency

Using a cohesive and polished email signature across all your communication can help build credibility with your recipients.

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Enables legal compliance

Include disclaimers in your email signature to comply with industry-specific regulations.

How to create signatures in a snap?

A few ways to amp up your email signatures

Clickable Banners

Add clickable banners to advertise new products,
services, promotions or to make important
announcements about your company.

These banners can direct recipients to your
website, landing pages, or specific pages of your
choice and drive traffic.

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Including a video that showcases your products or
services can help increase conversion rates by
providing recipients with a more immersive and
engaging experience.

This can lead to more clicks, sign-ups, or sales for
your business.


Custom buttons can be used to encourage
recipients to take specific actions, such as visiting
your website or social media pages, signing up for
a newsletter, or downloading a resource.

This can help increase engagement with your

Seamlessly integrates with two leading email workspaces

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